Armand M. Estrada



 Armand Estrada’s 35 years’ experience in private practice and as in-house corporate counsel is unusually broad, and deep.  When analyzing clients’ predicaments and formulating strategies for success, Armand relies not only on his lawyering skills, but his vast business background, which includes accounting and finance, being a licensed real estate broker/investor, and founding and owning a successful national software company.

Armand’s clients include international corporations, national real estate syndicators, regional and local businesses, and high-wealth families and individuals.  He efficiently represents clients starting businesses, structuring or positioning them for funding, investment, expansion, and branding opportunities, facilitating operational changes and/or exit strategies, and protecting their intellectual property.  He has negotiated sophisticated vendor service, licensing and partnering contracts for clients with companies such as Microsoft, Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, AT&T, Meriplex, Hawaiian Telcom, Motorola, Ford, Target and Arris. He also assists clients in raising millions of dollars of investment funding for technology and real estate ventures. In addition to his business and real estate transactional experience, he has successfully represented hundreds of clients pursuing or defending their rights in litigation, as well.  In an era when trial experience is increasingly difficult to obtain, Armand has taken many cases to bench or jury verdict, with remarkable success.

During prior real estate construction and development booms, Armand provided in-depth counsel regarding construction-related contracts, disputes, and litigation – on commercial, residential, public works, and federally-funded projects, involving Caltrans, school districts, and the UC Regents - and represents such clients they continue to rebound and recover.  Depending on their individual goals or needs, Armand also draws upon his vast experience in civil litigation to assist clients in estate/wealth transfer litigation and other matters, to obtain resolution as efficiently and effectively as possible.