Juvenile Defense

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Experienced, Aggressive Advocates Defending Minors Against Misdemeanor, Felony, Dui And Other Juvenile Offenses
In court, our attorneys are known as passionate advocates and formidable adversaries. We have earned a reputation as straight shooters who will go the distance for our clients. Whether defending a misdemeanor DUI or a high-profile homicide, we recognize that even the most minor offense can have severe financial, personal, professional lifelong consequences.
Utilizing our decades of legal experience and extensive knowledge of local practice, we work tirelessly to minimize adverse consequences, defend our clients’ rights and protect their future. When a criminal case has civil repercussions, we are uniquely situated to protect our clients’ interests through close collaboration with the firm’s business, estate planning, litigation and land use groups.
Meet our Criminal Defense and Juvenile Defense attorneys:

When serious legal issues need to be addressed, our experienced attorneys have the skill to vigorously protect and promote our clients' interests.